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The Real

Walls around

the Wall

On 17 March 2017, United States Customs and Border Protection announced the tender for one of the largest walls on earth: a nine metre tall construction to complete the barrier along 3,000 km ordered by President of the USA Donald Trump.

Since its announcement this wall has taken global attention and the outrage of many people around the world.


“I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.”

Donald Trump

June 2015

This wall aims to stop people from crossing the US-Mexico border, but who are these people? Many people that are crossing the USA´s southern border are asylum seekers that are fleeing extreme violence from Central America´s Northern Triangle: Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, three of the most dangerous countries in the world. These tiny countries are so dangerous that people have no choice but to leave everything behind and flee to save their lives

In my neighborhood often bodies are found in the street, people are shot dead, killed. So many things. Even if I wanted, can’t go back to my country

Camilo*, a 17 year old Honduran currently seeking asylum in the USA interviewed by Amnesty in February 2017.  

The wall is a symbol of hate and discrimination that create stereotypes and fosters division, but there are things happening beyond the building of a physical wall. These represent the real threat to the rights of asylum seekers.

Violence, Refoulements

and mandatory


are the real walls.These three key issues put at risk the integrity, rights and the lives of the people coming from Central America with hopes of getting a new chance at life. These are greater and more powerful walls that we need to fight against, and they’re not only found in the United States. These walls stand tall in Mexico as well.

So, let’s be offended by the physical wall and what
it represents, but moreover, let’s be outraged at
the inhumane walls of violence, refoulement, and
detention that are blocking people from seeking

To be able to make a change we need to take action
to welcome the people that are running from violence and
fight for their protection by saying #I Welcome.

Take action now.